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iPhoto Library Manager 3.8.5

     Category: Graphics & Multimedia

Description of
iPhoto Library Manager
Apple's iPhoto is great and all, but when using it, one can't help but feel that there were some features that just didn't quite make it into version 1.0. iPhoto Library Manager's job is to fill this gap. One of those features is the ability to have iPhoto work with multiple photo libraries, or even the ability to have your library in a location other than the one it chooses. FEATURES: TE Multiple libraries - Create multiple iPhoto libraries, instead of having to keep all your photos in a single library TE Info At A Glance - See at a glance what albums are in each of your libraries, as well as their version, modification date, and size TE Share And Share Alike - Set your library's permissions so that it can be used by multiple users on the same machine TE In Sync - Sync photos from multiple libraries with your iPod TE Automate It - Customize your photo workflow using built-in Applescript support and Automator actions TE Direct Import - Import photos directly into a particular library with filtering and metadata options TE Quick Switch - Switch to another library with one click by using shortcut files TE Makin' Copies - Copy photos from one library to another while retaining titles, comments, keywords, ratings, and dates TE Doing The Splits - Split a large library apart into smaller, more manageable libraries TE Merge Your Acquisitions - Merge multiple libraries together into one TE Photo First Aid - Rebuild or extract photos from corrupted iPhoto library.
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Author: Brian Webster
License: Shareware
Price: $19.95
File Size: 2.9 MB
Downloads: 3

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